Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and plants


Author of improving EE: Nenad Pesic
Object: Kindergarten Kolibri, Zeljusa
Location: Zeljusa
Realization: 2014.


Postojeće stanje objekta

Detailed description of project

  • The subject of energy analysis are objects Pre-school institutions: Pčelica, Leptirić and Kolibri in Dimitrovgrad.
  • The analysis included objects: Pčelica 1177.15 m2: Leptirić and Kolibri 588.30 m2 229.64 m2.
  • Total area of the analyzed object is 1995.09 m2.
  • Energy performance analysis.
  • Retrofit analysis and en. ef. upgrade propositions.
  • En. ef. calculations for the improved state of the object.
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Current energy demand for the analysed objects is 280.091,55  kWh. After the application of retrofit measures, this consumption would be reduced to 38.209,97 kWh (thermal energy). Savings are 259.414,58 kWh of thermal energy, and 85% reduction of CO2 emmision.
  • Participation of renewable energy sources for heating 100% biomass.

Provided services

  • Assessment of the state of the complex
  • Analysis and proposition of the energy efficiency improvements for each object.
  • Analysis on gains in energy after the retrofit measures.
  • Cost - effectiveness effects explained in detail

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