About Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency involves a series of measures to reduce energy consumption, and which do not impair the conditions of work and life.

Energy Efficiency presents a set of measures to reduce energy consumption. Measures to improve energy efficiency should first be observed through the reduction of energy losses and then through reduction in consumption. Reducing energy loss is obtained, primarily by improving the characteristics of the thermal envelope of buildings, improvement of bio-climatic parameters using solar energy in the system of passive solar buildings. Reducing energy consumption by proper selection of equipment and devices. For devices are said to be energy efficient if you have a high degree of efficiency, apropos, small losses during transformation of one form of energy into another.

The ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, and when it does not undermine the level of comfort more to maintain or even increase the level of comfort. Energy efficiency is the efficient use of energy, which increases the comfort and leads directly towards increasing the quality of life, economic competitiveness and energy security. The result of increased energy efficiency are significant savings in financial terms and the direct impact on the environment.

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