Ecological energy-independent buildings

Energy independent buildings are characterized by complete independence from public power networks and traditional energy sources. Independence achieved by using renewable energy sources integrated in the system. The largest share of energy has provided solar energy and application of bioclimatic and thermodynamic principles of functioning of the building. Using renewable energy sources that do not emit harmful substances. Thus built building are also green buildings.

This kind of structures not connected to the public network, and any excess energy produced is mostly used direct and kept for use in the winter months, through the energy system of reservoirs and accumulators. It is necessary whenever there is a surplus of produced energies building designed and constructed as the "Energy plus" means to create conditions for connecting buildings to the system for the accumulation and delivery of surplus energy to other consumers.


Author: Nenad Pesic
Object: Rural Farm
Location: Niš
Realization: 1983.


Owner of the company Nenad Pesic in 1983 graduated with subject Energy Independent Rural Farm. Applied solution: Passive system solar energy for heating and cooling, System of heating domestic hot water through solar collectors, Production of gas in the min pig farm, Production of electricity in the electric generator on bio gas.

The energy needs of the farm system works from the period 1970 to 1990.years are 79,751.00 kWh/a. With good thermal insulation and the production of biogas and electricity from biogas, after the rejection of all energy needs, household realizes a surplus of 35,744.00 kWh/a electricity.

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