Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and plants

PRIMARY SCHOOL IN Krajisnik, Municipality of Secanj

Author of improvements EE: Nenad Pesic
Object: Elementary school in Krajisnik, Municipality of Secanj
Location: Krajisnik
Realization: 2014.


Postojeće stanje objekta

  • Required energy for heating before reconstruction. = 344,564.98 kWh / a
  • Required energy for heating after reconstruction = 89,038.05 kWh / a
  • Annual energy savings for heating: .................. = 255,525.93 kWh / a
  • Annual energy savings for air conditioning: .............. = 80,000.00 kWh / a
  • Annual profit from energy savings in heating: .... = 25,552.59 EUR / a
  • Investment in the energy efficiency improvement: ........ = 118,490.22 euros

  • Net usable area: 1865.17 m2
  • Implemented solution: Good insulation, replacement joinery, reheating with the gas boiler.
  • Additional investment: 9.00%
  • Period of return on additional investment: 4.63 years.

Detailed description of project

  • The subject of energy analysis are objects Elementary schools Krajisnik in Krajisnik.
  • By analysis are covered facilities: Primary school 1865.17 m2 and 1695.64 m2 sports hall.
  • Total area of the analyzed object is 3560.81 m2.
  • The analysis of energy efficiency of the existing situation.
  • Measures proposed energy rehabilitation.
  • Analyzed the rehabilitation and improvement of energy efficiency.
  • Projected state energy efficiency after the implementation of the proposed measures energy rehabilitation.
  • Performed a comparative economic analysis of profitability and payback period of the investment in improving energy efficiency.
  • For the analyzed objects heat demand before the rehabilitation 590,876.00 kWh of thermal energy.
  • By implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency, needs are reduced to 141,799.00 kWh of thermal energy.
  • The realized savings is 449,077.00 kWh of thermal energy.
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions is 80%.
  • Participation of renewable energy for heating is 100% biomass.

Provided Services

  • Displaying the current condition of the buildings, which are in very poor condition.
  • Represented measures of improvement energy efficiency by objects.
  • Executed a presentation of the proposed solutions.
  • Given an analysis of the potential energy that is obtained energy rehabilitation measures.
  • Explained in detail the effects of investment in the improvement and advancement of energy efficiency.

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