Energy and economic independent village

Author: Nenad Pesic
Object: PILOT PROJECT, EEN - 07 Farm and residential buildings
Location: Stara Pazova, Serbia
Realization: 2013.

Presentation of solutions at RENEXPO in Germany


Detailed description of project

Feasibility Study with preliminary design of the village energy and economically independent. The resort is our pig farm with a capacity of 3,000 fattening pigs in one round. Residents of the village are engaged in agriculture. The greenhouse is designed as a complementary production because of usage of energy from Toplon A plant for cogeneration. Analyzed and greater potential farm in Vojvodina.

  • The energy potential of larger farms we analyze the situation and possibilities of using farm waste
  • Furniture biogas and fertilizer from waste, in this case the process of digestion and utilization biogas
  • Analysis of the resulting energy in the plant digestion and cogeneration plant
  • The use of fertilizers in agriculture at the local level
  • Production in the greenhouse with the use of thermal energy from the cogeneration plant
  • Residential area with the application of elements of bioclimatic architecture and passive solar energy systems

The results: gains realized from the excess energy previously met all the needs of the village 296,949.38 euros, profits from proizvodnjemesa 176,000.00, profits from the production of vegetable 307,200.00, gains from the sale of fertilizers 83292.00. Total profit after covering all costs  863,441.38 euros. Annual additional costs that financing from profit 222,000.00 euros. The rest of the retained earnings 641,441.38 euros. Construction costs 2,556,252.00 euros. The payback period is 3.99 years (four years).

Type of services provided, including, if applicable, the services and corresponding amounts indicated in the Contract Notice's selection criteria

  • Presentation of the proposed technical solutions
  • Supply management connecting manufacturers and suppliers
  • The choice of location and site plan with the analysis of cadastral maps areas
  • Impacts on the environment with the flow of biomass, waste and energy
  • Energtski balance settlement
  • Assessment of costs settlement
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the project
  • A secondary impacts of the project


Analysis of residential buildings

The building is with ten independent residential units in a row. Housing units consist of two floors with independent entrance. Net usable area of the building is PNET = 1128.00 m2. Heating and air conditioning are resolved passive solar system.



Farm analysis

The farm has 3,000 fattening pigs in one cycle with all facilities for this type of production. Meat processing is  not part of the farm.



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