Our delegation in professional visit to our partner company from Hungary

BASSES HOUSE - Budapest (2010)

Based on the experience gained in recent years, and the application of all the world's innovative ideas relating to the awareness of the most inefficient energy, our partners from Budapest developed a "BASEES" (Beautiful and Super Energy Efficient House).

This property has all the necessary energy for their own needs produces. Knows that all waste heat re-use, with virtually no energy loss.

Mechanical installation: 2 internal heat pump air-water type AIT LW 330 and heat pump water-water type WWC 220H / X, an underground collector, floor heating, ceiling heating and cooling, ventilation by using recuperator, solar collectors.

Additional investments: 10%; Weather payback: 5 years


Settlement in Budapest "PECAL", 32 flat. (2011)

In front of the building is located a little lake, which is not only for nice visual experience but also energy puffer. In addition to beautifying the landscape, is also used for storing an incredibly large amount of energy. All apartments have a view of the lake, and their tenants have the impression that they live in cottages on the shore of the lake. (Very nice atmosphere. I believe that it is precisely these settlements and neighborhoods of the village future).

Thermo-mechanical installations: collector heat pumps Alpha-InnoTec SWP 1100, Roth solar collectors, floor and wall heating and cooling. New building.

Additional investment: 6%; Weather in return for further investment: 3 years.

Stambeno naselje PECAL

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