World Sustainable Energy Days 2013 - Impressions and expectations

International conference "World Sustainable Energy Days 2013" organized by the OO Energiesparverband, Energy Agency of Upper Austria and was held from 26.02. to 01.03.2013. in Wels. The main objective was to promote energy efficiency in buildings and use of renewable energy sources.


Objekat u kojem su održavane konferencije / Sala za konferencijska predavanja

At the Conference and Fair tentatively was attended by about 100 speakers, 100 poster presentations, 600 participants, 1600 exhibitors at the fair and around 100,000 visitors.

Summarized the results of previous work, presented legislation and criteria to be met, defined plans for the future and guidelines for the implementation of plans for the energy efficiency of buildings and the use of renewable energy sources.


Predstavnici Koning-a na Konferenciji / Jedno od predavanja

At the invitation of the organizers, representatives of the company Koning doo Novi Sad, Marina Pesic Nenad Pesic, participated in the panel presentation of his works and projects implemented passive solar houses and ENERGY INDEPENDENT FARM.


Poster prezentacija Koning-a / Predstavnik Koning-a sa posetiocima

Representatives of the European Commission put forward the views of the latest European policy for bioenergy. Highlighted the plan to host in the province by 2020 implemented projects for which the works were energy independent and the use of energy from renewable sources.

The conference presented the plans for the use of biomass, solar energy, thermal energy and other renewable sources and the latest tehnološta solutions to achieve zero energy buildings.

At the time of the conference, the exhibition halls there was a large International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy, who are participants of the conference with eminent experts toured together and have had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and exchange views. At the fair exhibitors display the latest technological solutions and equipment for the preparation and use of biomass, equipment for the use of thermal power schemes, Kolek for heating water and kolktore with photovoltaic cells to generate electricity, and other accessories.

For the casual observer, but also for the well-versed in new technologies in the field of renewable energy, all this deserves attention because it provides a lot of information on possible models of renewable energy sources in the respective areas. OO Energiesparverband is at its booth with more than 100 energy experts informacijie It gave the energy efficiency of buildings and renewable energy sources and implementation of new technological solutions.


Energetski i klimatski ciljevi / Najveći klimatski problem


Fasada energetski Nulte zgrade / Prostorija energetski Nulte zgrade


Kotlarnica u školi na biomasu / Učesnici posete energetski nezavisne škole


Lociranje zgrade, urbanistički vrlo važno / Primer energetski Nulte zgrade


Uslovi za energetki Nulte zgrade / Primer energetski efikasnog rešenja


Obnovljivi izvori energije / Izvor obnovljivih sirovina i energije

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