Design all types of buildings

Teams of engineers, in cooperation with partners, specialized in making all kinds of projects:

  • Design of business facilities for different purposes;
  • Designing residential and residential and commercial buildings;
  • Design of industrial buildings and facilities;

Design object consists in making all kinds of technical documentation according to specific needs, including:

  1. General Project (GP)
  2. Conceptual design (CD)
  3. Project for building permit (PBP)
  4. Project execution (PE)
  5. As-built facility (ABF)

Designing is approached after obtaining location conditions. Locational conditions contain all the urban, technical and other conditions and data necessary for the preliminary design (PD) and Project for building permit (PBP) and the project for execution (PE) and information about:

  1. Number and area of cadastral plots, except for the line infrastructure facilities and antenna poles;
  2. Name of the planning document, or planning document and the urban project on the basis of which are issued location requirements and construction rules for a zone or a group in which the respective grounds;
  3. Conditions for connection to utility, transportation and other infrastructure;
  4. Data on existing buildings on the plot to be removed prior to construction;
  5. Other conditions in accordance with the law.

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