Technical inspection of facilities

Technical inspection of the facility shall be made after the completion of construction of the facility, phase or part of the building for the facility for which the building permit was issued, or a decision under Article 145 of the Law, the investor intends to apply to the competent authority for issuing the use permit.

Technical inspection may be conducted in parallel with the execution of the works.

Technical inspection may be carried out:

  1. for the entire facility;
  2. according to stages of construction the facility, for facilities for which the construction permit foresees the construction phase;
  3. for parts of the building, which not building permit constitute a special stage, and which in the opinion of the Commission, or in accordance with the technical documentation represent technical and technological whole and as such can be used independently.

Technical inspection of the facility include:

  1. verifying full technical and other documentation for the construction of the facility, or the execution of works;
  2. control of compliance of performed works with building permit, technical documentation based on which the facility was constructed, as well as technical regulations and standards relating to certain types of work and materials, equipment and installations.

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